Horror Film Review: Found 2012

Horror Film Review: Found (2012)

Director: Scott Schirmer Starring: Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck Louie Lawless and Phyllis Munroe Duration: 103 minutes This film has been on my radar since day one, and not only due … Continue reading Horror Film Review: Found (2012)

Horror Film Review Tumbling Doll of Flesh Psycho The Snuff Reels 1998 Cat 3 Horror

Tumbling Doll of Flesh / Niku Daruma review

Director: Tamakichi Anaru Starring: Kanako Ooba, Kikurin, Tamakichi Anaru & Yuuji Kitano Duration: 77minutes For a long time I’ve been secretly obsessed with Cat III Asian horror films, although I … Continue reading Tumbling Doll of Flesh / Niku Daruma review

Top Five Gruesome Horror Film Scenes

If you’re searching for the most gut wrenching, disturbing film to scare your foolish friends, then we’ve put together our top five most gruesome scenes from the best horror movies. … Continue reading Top Five Gruesome Horror Film Scenes

THE WOMAN (2011)

Director: Lucky McKee Starring: Pollyanna McIntosh, Sean Bridgers, Brandon Gerald Fuller and Lauren Ashley Carter Rating: 18 After being personally recommended this film after the HMV (sad face) cashier saw … Continue reading THE WOMAN (2011)