Zobo With A Shotgun was created by Zoë Rose Smith as a place to explore horror cinema, with a focus on the extreme sub-genre. Since then the brand has grown and now features reviews, editorials and interviews from some incredible talent.

You can listen to podcast with host Zoë who talks regularly to guests about extreme cinema, read some horror reviews or dismember some editorials!

Zoë Rose Smith is the creator of Zobo With A Shotgun, and also known as Zobo. She is a freelance film journalist that writes for various outlets including Scream Horror Magazine, Horror News Net, Jumpcut Online, The Horrorcist & more. She is the co-host of A Nice Chianti podcast and co-host of The Unrated Cut youtube. Rotten Tomatoes approved film critic. When she’s not indulging in gore, she resides in London, UK where she works in Content Marketing during the day.



Andy Kubica is a former movie theatre manager and video store nerd and district manager. These days he is an on again off again film writer, but lifelong film fan. You can find him on Letterbox’d under Jabbah. He also spends his time with his dogs and playing Animal Crossing. You can follow Andy on Twitter for more movie takes & support on Patreon!


Chris is a lover of everything film, comedy and literature. He writes for Jumpcut Online and Movie Corner UK. You can follow his takes on other films (not just horror) over on Letterboxd or find him on Twitter.


30 year old amateur writer living in sunny Birmingham UK with too much wine and a very cute cat. Huge fan of all things creepy. Aspiring final girl.

A lifetime of consuming an excessive amount of horror through films, books and podcasts has resulted in me being scared of everything but prepared for anything. Follow on Instagram for more horror!


James Steaton-Pritchard started Runs In Rivers in 2014, writing about horror and organising film screenings across the UK, as well as reviewing world cinema for Subtitled Online. Based in Bath, UK he also plays music with his band Better Than Mending and produces short films and music videos for local artists.


James Rodrigues is a film fanatic who hasn’t watched Gone With The Wind, but has seen at least 10 Pokémon films. Despite this, he started The Reviewing Rodders in 2011, an outlet for his film musings, and contributes to FlyFidelity. He lives in Trowbridge, UK, and when not trying to whittle down his ever-expanding to watch list, James is giving his opinions on Twitter, in the hopes they’ll one day be wanted.


Kim Morrison is a horror writer from Edinburgh, Scotland. She enjoys crocheting, has a mild obsession with bees, and a Simpsons quote for every occasion. You can follow her on Twitter and check out her blog, Little Red Horror.


William Drew is a writer working across theatre, games and audio. He has written extensively about theatre and performance for Exeunt and about games for Kill Screen, Rock Paper Shotgun, Wired and Unwinnable. He co-writes the fiction podcast The People Outside: https://anchor.fm/the-people-outside. More info at www.williamdrew.work