Zobo With A Shotgun was first established back in 2010 as The Film Fetishist. Since then I’ve created my known pseudonym Zobo, although I’m also commonly known outside of the horror industry as Zoë. Feel free to call me as you wish as I’m rarely easily offended.

Obsessed with film. Horror is my significant other, and I’d make tender love to it if it wasn’t slathered in bodily fluids. Although I’m a gore whore, substance (which isn’t purely liquid) is definitely appreciated.

By day I work in the Digital Marketing sector for a fashion company, but by night my time is focused on creating horror film content. Not only do I run and write for this site, but also work as a freelance PR & Social Media Manager, write for various film magazine outlets and guest star on podcasts. For more information on my work, you can click here.

If you’d like to collaborate in any way; from having your film reviewed (strictly horror on this site), to writing for this site, to working together on a podcast/project etc please contact me either on Twitter (@ZoboWithShotgun) or via email zobowithashotgun@gmail.com

When I’m not indulging in the macabre you can find me running through the London pollution, cloaked in black drinking red wine or whiskey and eating my way into comas.

Love & guts,

Zoë Lovecraft

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      1. Then again the revealing content is probably what has made them popular.

      2. The revealing content of the women? Probably, which is kind of depressing. They all have more talent then looks!

      3. Yes they’re good! You should definitely do a post of horror men covered in blood. Us horror ladies love that!

      4. I’ll see what I can do for you and the other horror loving ladies.

      5. Well to start you off you could put Andrew Lincoln aka Rick from The Walking Dead on there! And Patrick Bateman etc etc 🙂 I’m sure us ladies would enjoy lots!

      6. OK, I will make these ideas into a future post, with a special shout out to you.

      7. I’m definitely am not trying to be a sexist with any of these posts.

      8. If I have offended you in any way with the posts, I am truly sorry it wasn’t my intention.

      9. Not at all! Fortunately it takes a lot to offend me! I’ll never object a pretty lady, especially when you have Sarah Michelle Gellar in there!

      10. I’m glad to hear that, the last thing I want to do is offend a fellow blogger.

    1. Awhh, thank you Emma! That’s ever so kind of you 🙂 I’ve never been nominated for a blogging award! If I knew of one, you’d be nominated too – I love your blog.
      I’ll look now 🙂 Thank you, you’re too kind!

      1. Aww that’s okay Zoe! It’s fully deserved!!! I love your blog and writing style 🙂 and I love learning about all these weird films!

        Thank you, you’re very kind too! Ahhh this is a love fest, I love it!!!

        ❤ ❤ ❤


      2. That’s made me day, thank you! Letting you know the sick stuff I watch!
        It is a love fest! I’m definitely enjoying this ❤ ❤ lots of love! 🙂

  1. Dude! I have nominated you for a Liebster award too – http://wp.me/p5aAN0-eFK
    I know you can’t really be nominated twice in the same week, but I’ve published the post now. Please don’t make me redo it; it’s taken ages.

    1. Hey! Awh, thank you ever so much – I really appreciate that. I’ve been nominated a few times in the same week so I’m just gonna’ bung it all in one post! Wouldn’t make you do it again Rupert 🙂
      Thank you m’love!

    1. Lovely post Vin! I approve of all the bottoms! Not a fan of Beyonce but my Dad would 100% agree with Kylie, he loves her. I enjoy the men.

  2. I just wanted to let you know my blog is 3 years old. You should check out my anniversary post where I thank all of you fabulous people who have supported me.

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