So, who the hell am I? I’m Zoë, more commonly known by my online persona Zobo With A Shotgun (dw, I don’t actually have a shotgun…). I’m a London based freelance journalist by night and Head of Content Marketing by day.

I’m the Editor-in-Chief and founder of online horror magazine, Ghouls Magazine, which looks at the genre from a female perspective with a collection of women and non-binary writers.

I’m the co-host of extreme horror film podcast, Our Bloody Obsession, alongside my co-host Kelly Gredner. A monthly podcast where we look at the most disturbing and extreme movies ever made.

I am one of the Creative Producers for Hellmouth Pictures, an independent production company creating short horror films and horror, true crime and dark feature and short documentaries.

I founded Zobo With A Shotgun which was a way to explore the extreme cinema genre through articles, podcasts and video reviews. I still write under this pseudonym and have had work featured in many places such as Frontieres audio commentary for Fractured Visions, Dobermann video essay for Fractured Visions, The Guest written essay for Second Sight, The House on the Edge of the Park audio commentary for 66 Films, The Scary of 61st essay for Fractured Visions, Dog Soldiers essay for Second Sight and Night Train Murders essay for TetroVideo.

I have had published words in Hear Us Scream Vol I, Scream the Horror Magazine, Daily Grindhouse, Horror News Net, Jumpcut Online, The Horrorcist and more. I have been on numerous podcasts as a guest including The Evolution of Horror, A Year in Horror, Strong Language and Violent Scenes, Road to Knowhere, Psycho Analysis, Devil Times Five, Bloody Good Reads, Projections Podcast.

During the day I work in content and social media marketing. Currently the Head of Content for an e-commerce company based in central London. Spearheading strategy across digital content, social media, copy, CRM and video production.

If you’re interested in working together please feel free to email me: