There is no better way than to kick off a new year and a new season of the Ghouls Magazine podcast than with some depraved brutality — which is exactly what we did. I was joined by my good friend and a true inspiration of mine, Janine Pipe, to discuss two of her favourite films which are Terrifier (2016) and Terrifier 2 (2022) from filmmaker Damien Leone.

Janine is an all round powerhouse of a woman in horror; she is a writer, an author, a publisher, a producer and has just filmed her first short horror film. So I was delighted to be able to take a trip to the Clown Cafe with her to talk about the horror of Art the Clown.

The Ruins with Ash Millman & Zoë Rose Smith Ghouls Magazine

For May we are planting our seeds of interest in all things Nature! That means we are covering horror films set in nature, from your eco-horror to your big creature horror, to your fungi type horror.  In this episode join host Zoë Rose Smith as she is joined by Playstation presenter, gaming streamer and The NoSleep Podcast voiceover artist – Ash Millman! Together they pull vines from their minds, and examine environmental horror film The Ruins (2008). Do you like this podcast? To help us keep producing episodes why not become a Ghouls Magazine member (and get loads of extra content!) or drop us a donation on Ko-Fi!  Ghouls Magazine  🕸️ 🔪 👁️ 💌
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  3. Coming-of-Age Horror with Kat Hughes, Iona Smith, Ariel Baska, Meg Kenny & Zoë Rose Smith
  4. Good For Her Horror Films with Ariel Powers-Schaub, Liz Bishop & Amber T
  5. Ghouls Watch: Severance, Run Sweetheart Run, Splice & more

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