For quite some time I have been trying to get my favourite person in the world to chat to me about something horror-related and after a lot of stressful scheduling, my younger brother finally gave me some of his precious time!

When we were growing up, we would always watch The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors on repeat, and no, it didn’t need to be Halloween for us to do that. I think we watched the episodes so much that eventually we can word-for-word talk the dialogue to nearly every episode. My brother has autism which means he gets obsessed with particular things and his choice was always films, TV shows and DVDs. So growing up I also indulged in his obsessions and now we can talk out any Simpsons episode, sing every song and even do the talking bits to Linkin Park and Red Hot Chilli Peppers concerts or sing the whole Shrek dance party including voices.

So, here is me and my little brother, Zak, chatting together! And yes, he rips on me as always. Can’t wait to get him back on to chat about some more horror-related goodness.

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