You can listen to ‘Why Horror? with Zoe Rose Smith’ on the Fishnets and Philosophy Podcast now!

Someone I absolutely adore in the horror community is the gorgeous and multi-talented Mx Bel Morrigan, who is the host of horror podcast Fishnets and Philosophy. Not only do they have one of the most sultry voices in the world, but Bel is bringing such intelligence and insight to the horror community with their unique podcast which at the moment is focusing on diving into the why behind horror creators’ love of the genre. Plus, they are a creator of adult content including some super stunning pole dancing and kinky stuff.

So I was very excited to be asked to join Bel as a guest to talk all about my undying love for extreme horror, with some really interesting questions on morals and boundaries when it comes to controversial art and also what the first horror film that really made me fall in love with the genre. Make sure you’re following the podcast and Bel for all that’s to come!

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