By now there is no surprise in knowing that I am a huge lover of extreme cinema. Yet I know it’s not for everyone and can be a particularly niche genre that I typically don’t recommend to many people because who can I suggest that people get a daily dose of necrophilia in their lives?

However, if someone else asks me to suggest some extreme horror films then I’m all game. Andy Conner, host of the Road to Knowhere podcast invited myself and Amber T (HornBloodFire podcast host, Ghouls Magazine contributor & news writer for Fangoria) to suggest three films to get an extreme horror newbie on their way.

Well, Amber and I didn’t hold anything back and we really went into the deep end — suggesting both a mix of films that are a toe-dip and some that are like drowning in bleakness. If you’re looking for some extreme horror film suggestions then have a listen and get some nihilism into your life.

You can listen the Road to Knowhere: Introduction to Extreme Horror Cinema episode now on Spotify!

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