Sometimes you just need a little ultra-violence in your life, and when the absolutely wonderful (genuinely one of my fav humans ever) Amber asked me to go on her HornBloodFire podcast to kick off season 2 I was stoked!

Amber asks guests to choose three words and then she will generate some horror movie options. My three words were: disturbing, dystopia and cerebral (or I said we could go for ‘mind-fuck’). Amber sent over a list of films which all gave me the heebie jeebies in a good way, but we settled on Stanley Kubrick’s controversial cult classic, A Clockwork Orange (1971). I hadn’t seen the film in quite some time and had been looking for a reason to rewatch so this was the perfect chance.

In the episode we discuss the societal reasons behind this film and how it represents the youth of the UK, feeling even more relevant to today’s landscape than it did when it was released.

Grab a glass of molokov and get settled in for some debauchery! Listen to HornBloodFire A Clockwork Orange episode now!

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