Do you love extreme horror films? If you didn’t then you wouldn’t have stumbled across this site because as you might be aware, I’m dedicated to the depraved side of life. The sad news is that the ‘Zobo With A Shotgun’ podcast has ceased to exist. Researching, recording, editing, publishing and promoting all by yourself is exceptionally exhausting and had completely sucked the fun out of podcasting about nasty movies.

The good news is that the podcast is back from the dead with a fresh look, name and a new co-host! I have joined forces with one of my favourite women in horror, Kelly Gredner from The Spinsters of Horror and I Spit On Your Podcast. We both decided to bring our female forces together to create a gorecast for the extreme, and podcast all about the most disturbing films ever made.

Our Bloody Obsession podcast is a monthly podcast talking about the most depraved films to ever exist. You can listen to our launch episode to find out more about what’s in store when you listen to us.

Shock Talk: Cannibal Holocaust with Martin Trafford Our Bloody Obsession

We're back for another Shock Talk episode! This time Zoë is joined by Martin Trafford, creator of disturbing, extreme & gory underground horror artwork for the likes of Marian Dora, Jorg Buttgereit and Jonathan Doe. And Martin brought a classic extreme movie to the table with none other than Ruggero Deodato's Cannibal Holocaust (1980). They look at how it incited censorship across the world, which animal death is the worst (🐢 or 🐒) and how this film has become a part of history. Listen for the full discussion! You can follow Martin on Instagram or TikTok, or you can grab a copy of Martin's latest *coffee* table book, Hung, Drawn and Slaughtered: The Underground Art of Martin Trafford – the perfect xmas gift… Don't forget to like, subscribe and share this gorecast with your nastiest friends! You can follow Our Bloody Obsession on Twitter and Instagram or join our Facebook group. Want to know the hosts more? Then you can follow Venal and Zobo to discover just how messed up their movie tastes are. Podcast logo by Martin Trafford  Theme music by Emanuele Bellini  
  1. Shock Talk: Cannibal Holocaust with Martin Trafford
  2. FOUND FOOTAGE: The Poughkeepsie Tapes
  3. SHOCK TALK: Atroz with Kelly McNeely
  4. FOUND FOOTAGE: Megan Is Missing and A Perfect Child of Satan
  5. Introducing… Our Bloody Obsession: A Gorecast for the Extreme

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