Diving into the depth of found footage horror films! This panel discussion looks at how horror is heightened through realism, why found footage is a love/hate sub-genre and everyone gives their recommendations to watch! I was lucky enough to chat these incredible guests all about the sub-genre.

Guests: –
– Aislinn Clarke: Director of ‘The Devil’s Doorway’ (https://twitter.com/AislinnClarke)
– Mary – Beth McAndrews: Journalist Daily Grindhouse, Dread Central & more (https://twitter.com/mbmcandrews)
– Adrian Tofei: Writer & director ‘Be My Cat: A Film For Anne’ (https://twitter.com/AdrianTofei)
– Jed Shepherd: Writer & Exec Producer ‘Host’ & ‘Dashcam’ (https://twitter.com/Jedshepherd) – – Hosted by Zoë Rose Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Ghouls Magazine (https://twitter.com/ZoboWithShotgun)

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