There are certain films in this world that you watch, and immediately realise it’s going to give you nightmares for a very, very long time. Horror film, SATOR, happened to be one of those films and I can easily say that it has been an exceptionally long time since I’ve been that terrified watching a film.

Which was why I was very excited to chat to SATOR director, Jordan Graham, about the true inspiration behind the film, how he developed the story to fit with a family discovery and the dedication needed to spend 7 years creating a film completely independently.

SATOR is currently available on digital platforms in the UK and is available on DVD from 22nd February 2021!

SATOR tells the story of a family that have been entwined with some form of entity which appears through the automatic writings of their grandma and their mother. The young sons of the family are desperately seeking the truth behind this figure in their life to understand what it means and the intentions it holds for some of the important women in their family. As they delve deeper into discovering what Sator really is, there is more hidden between the woodland trees than meets the eye.

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