Written by Zoë Rose Smith

The human mind is a battleground overflowing with emotive expressions, confusion, confliction and animalistic natures that cannot be tamed. It is within this psyche that we begin to question our innermost thoughts and feelings, our connection with the world around us and our own purpose. Brandon Cronenberg takes this mental conception and transforms it into one of the most exhilarating and intelligent pieces of filmmaking in his body horror film Possessor. If you thought you understood your own identity and your own desires, after experiencing this film, you will be left with the bewildering knowledge that perhaps everything we thought about ourselves could be based on control and manipulation.

Since 2012 Cronenberg has been an exciting name that has piqued my interest every time there is a slight whisper of his projects, and we’re not talking about his infamous father. Some may argue that Cronenberg is helped by being the prodigy birthed from one of the master’s of body horror, however it seems this could be viewed as a hindrance. With such pressure to live up to the family name, Cronenberg could have fallen into the depths of disappointment. But with his debut horror, Antiviral, he lavishly demonstrated that he could meld societal problems into thematic theories that not only embody mind-fuckery but ensure that the journey into the body is a violent and visceral experience.

Read the full review of Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR on Jumpcut Online.

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