Written by Zoë Rose Smith

For anyone that knows me, is probably already aware of the fact that I’m a huge Brandon Cronenberg fangirl. Which is why I’m screaming about his latest film POSSESSOR in any means possible. Ariel Baska, host of Ride the Omnibus podcast, was kind enough to indulge my love and chat all things Possessor together.

Ariel and UK-based film critic Zoë Rose Smith discuss all things Possessor (2020), the newly released horror film from Brandon Cronenberg, starring Andrea Riseborough and Christopher Abbott. The conversation about this technonoir ranges from commentary on social media personas to data mining to drone pilots to body dysmorphia to that sneaking suspicion that you’re really the only human in a world of automatons.

Listen to the full episode here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1430737/6391945

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