Written by Zoe Rose Smith

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You know what I find absolutely fascinating? Listening to women discuss horror in-depth. Usually my role is as a facilitator in these discussions and asking questions to inspiring women to dissect the extreme horror genre in detail. Recently I have found myself in the position of talking such topics with some incredible women in horror including B.J. Colangelo and Ali Taylor.

This month the tables were flipped and the very talented Ariel Baska from Ride The Omnibus Podcast invited myself to an all-female panel podcast alongside two women I highly admire; academics and authors, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Alison Taylor.

We discuss why extreme horror holds so much power, the problematic nature of censorship and classification, film criticism, and media narratives across the Australia, the UK, and the US.

Warning: This episode includes explicit content, including descriptions of violence and sexual assault.

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