Written by Zoë Rose Smith

The human body has been a point of fascination since the dawn of time, causing the human mind to wander to lustful places filled with the sinful cries and moans of those experiencing orgasmic dreams. It is the tangible flesh of the body that has always drawn humans to one another, whether it be for a tender embrace, an adrenaline rushed sexual encounter, or even to taste the pain another can inflict.

This obsession with the body keeps our society living and breathing, copulating to create more bodies filled with desires that must be satisfied. Cinema has always encouraged eroticism and used the screen to display our most secretive, lurid, and perverted daydreams allowing many of us to fetishize without fear of judgement or ever having to really commit acts on a living human body. But where does the boundary lie when it comes to turning the human body into a decaying object of sexualisation? 

Read the full article Eradication & Eroticism: An Extreme Fantasy of Human Flesh on Jumpcut Online.

2 thoughts

  1. but isn’t the naked body freedom? That is to say, if the destruction of eself is the maximum point of evolution of the conscience (to get rid of romantic abstractions and the ascetics ideals), would not the mere red meat be the symbol of freedom?

    we envy free bodies, so we need to assign abstract ideals to these bodies: purity, pleasure, guilt, sin, they need to bend to our abstract ideals.

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