The Guinea Pig Series is one of the most notorious extreme horror films series to ever be created, and even to this day is still discussed in depth. R.F. Blackstone recently wrote an exceptional piece for Something Ghoulish all about the extreme Japanese film series and I was lucky enough to be interviewed about my experiences with the films. Read the full article, Guinea Pig: The Legacy of an Extreme Horror Film Series, over on Something Ghoulish.

Speaking with Zoe Smith from Zobo With A Shotgun about these types of movies, the ‘faux snuff film’ and how it influenced found-footage movies (The Blair Witch ProjectCloverfield), she had this to say:

Found footage is all based on feeling real, and the most realistic portrayal of faux has to be within the snuff element. There is nothing that quite blends fiction with reality like a snuff film does, let’s be honest, we’ve all been intrigued about whether or not something is a real snuff film. You hear these stories and we’re all so fascinated yet perturbed at the thought of snuff, which is why found footage films work so well. They take that this is snuff, and present it in different ways with different stories behind them, but actually if anyone dies in that, then it’s a snuff film. I don’t think the horror audience necessarily are excited by the thought of seeing a faux snuff film (myself and a few others excluded) but that experience of something feeling real is so frightening and exhilarating, but also influenced by the adrenaline that surrounds faux snuff.

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