Discussion with horror film critic, baker and columnist for Talk Film Society & Daily Grindhouse, Greg Mucci.

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In this episode host Zoë Rose Smith is joined by horror film critic & baker Greg Mucci, who writes for Talk Film Society, Daily Grindhouse, Nightmarish Conjurings, Haw Creek Horror and is the host of upcoming podcast The Hauer Power Hour. Together they discussion one of Asian cinema’s most well-known extreme horror films, AUDITION.

Warning! This episode discusses graphic torture, child abuse and more.

You can find Greg in the following places:
– Twitter: twitter.com/ReelBrew
– Instagram: www.instagram.com/reelbrew/?hl=en
– The Hauer Power Hour: twitter.com/HauerPowerHour
– Letterboxd: letterboxd.com/reelbrew/

If you’d like to send over some feedback, support the podcast, inquire about being a guest on the show, send over your extreme film or just ask weird shit you can do so here or by emailing zobowithashotgun@gmail.com

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