Written by Zoë Rose Smith

The perception of family is one that we have seen time and time again become the strong basis for exerting horror onto the screen for the audiences; Ari Aster’s Hereditary dealt with feelings of resentment towards parents and children, all the whilst coping with grief; Ant Timpson’s Come To Daddy deals with estranged relationships and the need to be wanted; and more classically Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining deals with abuse, addiction and the need to be better than one’s parents. With Natalie Erika James’ directorial debut Relic she explores genetic neurological deterioration and the inherent bonds that tie mothers and daughters together, through even the most horrific and damaging of times.

Emily Mortimer stars as Kay, who after her mother goes missing for a number of days, takes the decision to stay by her side as her health seemingly deteriorates. Alongside her is her own daughter Sam, played by Bella Heathcote. As they care for Edna, played by Robyn Nevin, it comes to light that there could be something sinister that dwells within the house and causes Edna’s behaviour to become increasingly more disturbing and unwired. However, discovering the cause of the unnerving presence within the home, unravels more mysteries and the truths of problematic mother-daughter relationships.

Read the full Relic 2020 review over on Jumpcut Online.

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