Do you love 80s inspired slasher horror films? Well filmmaker and podcaster Huw Lloyd plans to bring his love for the genre alive with SCHOOL HALL SLAUGHTER!

His latest endeavour is an adaptation of his short horror film of the same name, which featured lots of bloodshed and slashing action. Huw mentions that School Hall Slaughter is inspired by filmmakers such as Lucio Fulci, Mario Bava and John Carpenter – in which he takes elements from the much loved slasher and giallo sub-genres. However, the ambition with this feature film is to create something that pays homage to these great filmmakers whilst bringing something new and exciting to the genre.

School Hall Slaughter has an incredible cast of up and coming talent including Emma Stacey, Derek Nelson, Mandy Rose and C L Raven. The story follows Miss Franklin as she becomes trapped inside the school she teaches at, with a killer that slowly slaughters the teachers and students one by one!

No one gets out of detention… Alive!

Fundraising is currently happening for School Hall Slaughter and feature needs your help to bring it alive! You can find more information on how you can support this project on IndieGoGo, and you can keep up to date with news on Twitter.

There are some incredible perks that you will receive from supporting the project including a DVD with an exclusive VHS designed cover, artwork from Emma Stacey herself and the chance to watch the film before anyone else!

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