Discussion with ANDY STEWART from Strong Language & Violent Scenes podcast!

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In this episode host Zoë Rose Smith is joined by filmmaker and podcaster Andy Stewart to talk about one of the most controversial film’s ever made – CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. With animal cruelty, rape, cannibalism & extreme violence, we look at this extreme horror cinema classic.

You can find Andy Stewart in the following places:
– As co-host of Strong Language & Violence Scenes podcast: strongviolent.podbean.com/
– Twitter: twitter.com/AndyMakesStuff
– Instagram: www.instagram.com/andystewartmakesstuff/?hl=en
– Watch Andy’s disgusting short horror films: vimeo.com/andystewart

If you’d like to send over some feedback, support the podcast, inquire about being a guest on the show, send over your extreme film or just ask weird shit you can do so here or by emailing zobowithashotgun@gmail.com

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