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Season 2 of the Zobo With A Shotgun podcast has arrived! This season we’re looking at: EXTREME HORROR ESSENTIALS.

In this episode host Zoë Rose Smith is joined by extreme horror aficionado and writer Emy Thee to talk about the controversial 2010 film from Srdjan Spasojevic’s A SERBIAN FILM. Can a film as shocking and depraved as this, ever be considered a piece of art? Let’s discuss…

You can find Emy on Twitter (twitter.com/oliviabenzos) to hear more of her thoughts about horror films!

If you’d like to send over some feedback, support the podcast by buying a coffee, inquire about being a guest on the show, send over your extreme film or just ask me weird shit you can do so here or email zobowithashotgun@gmail.com.

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