Do safe spaces for women really exist? Or are they something of a myth when it comes to the modern day woman using any online platform to provide the audience with content? Tingle Monsters takes a simple and trending internet subject and uses it to shine light on the toxic communities that continue to infiltrate the spaces women have created for themselves and others to feel comforted and protected. 

Tingle Monsters comes from director Alexandra Serio (Change of Plans, Miracle Fishing), who through her own experiences has created an ASMR horror short that speaks volumes in just a mere 10 minutes. Dee is an ASMR vlogger who creates online content to help soothe and reduce anxiety amongst her community of dedicated supporters. During a live Instagram event she sees how one comment from an anonymous watcher spawns written abuse, and the livestream begins to turn into damaging chaos. 

Want to continue reading? You can read the full Tingle Monsters (2020) review on Jumpcut Online.

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