An interview with actress Ximena del Solar by Max from Disturbing Cinema – read the full interview over on Instagram!

Actress & co-writer of the first segment (Contagium) directed by Lucio A Rojas, from the body horror anthology film, ILL: Final Contagium (2020).

FILM SUMMARY | An anthology film that features four segments.
Contagium by Lucio A Rojas – The beginning of a global pandemic originated by the macabre experiment of a military scientist.
Gully by Lorenzo Dante Zanoni – The calvary of a young man who, as a result of his ambition, is the victim of a painful metamorphosis.
The Body by Domiziano Cristopharo – The martyrdom suffered by a woman obsessed with beauty and who resorts to a home cosmetic surgery in order to save money.
The Cabin by Kai E Bogatzki – A post-apocalyptic era in which money becomes the only means that can allow the infected to stay alive.

Congratulations on the film, and thank you @ximedelsolar for taking your time to answer these questions! Make sure to spread the illness, and get yourself a copy of ILL Movie over on Tetro Video.

What can you tell us about your character Lily?

Lily, my character, is a very confident woman. Not exactly a villain, but someone willing to take advantage of any situation. She feels responsible for her best friend (Natalia), whom she wants to help due to certain dramatic circumstances that overwhelm her. Both women are going through an economic hardship that drives them to commit a crime.

To read the full interview with Ximena Del Solar about extreme horror film ILL just head over to Disturbing Cinema Instagram!

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