Some films gnaw at your inner consciousness until you wish they didn’t exist, yet they do and for a reason. Hounds of Love from director Ben Young is an unflinching portrayal of how love can cause an unhealthy addiction to one person, and an acceptance to look past their evil tendencies. This film is not for those who do not like to be disturbed…

The year is 1987, and one couple are crawling through the rougher side of Perth looking for a young girl to fulfill their sadistic needs. Teenager Vicki is currently going through the divorce of her parents, with her father living in the upper-class section and her mother living in the not-so-nice part. When she sneaks out one evening to go to a party, she’s tempted by John and Evelyn who offer her the opportunity to buy some weed from them in their home which is just around the corner. Once in their home, Vicki quickly realises that the couple aren’t the loving family pair that they made themselves out to be.

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