What do you get when you cross newborn porn with rotting dead girls and a sprinkle of graphic depictions of degloving? The most extreme and fucked up films from 2010 – 2015 of course!

WARNING! This podcast episode is not for the faint hearted and talks about some seriously disturbing and inhumane horror movies. But if you don’t want to watch them, then you can live vicariously through my depictions and become only a little scarred…

If you’d like to send over some feedback, support me by buying me coffee, inquire about being a guest on the show, send over your extreme film or just ask me weird shit you can do so at the following:

Email: zobowithashotgun@gmail.com
Twitter: @ZoboWithShotgun
Facebook: Zobo With A Shotgun
Instagram: zobowithashotgun
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Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/zobowithashotgun

Zobo With A Shotgun theme music by the very talented Emanuele Bellini www.emanuelebellini.com 
Edited by Emanuele Bellini (as you can tell, he is a genius)

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