After the blood-drenched success of his Frightfest-favourite film Bliss, there was no surprise that it didn’t take long for director Joe Begos to fire back with another drug-fuelled frenzy. VFW is the latest film from the director and has been on the tip of everyone’s needles, just waiting to see what madness Begos would bring to the screen agan. With a killer cast that is highly recognisable, a neon-lit backdrop and a crazed crowd, what could go wrong with VFW? Surprisingly more than you would expect. 

The world has gone mad for a drug that turns even the most normal human into a drug lusting zombie that will go to any horrific length in order to obtain their next hit. Amidst this addicted society is a group of veterans and long time friends, who keep their veins clean and stay away from any involvement in the drug. But one night at the bar owned by the leader of the gang, they are forced to fight against the hoards after one young girl steals the local drug lords drugs and takes shelter in their watering hole. 

Read the full VFW 2019 review over on The Horrorcist website!

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