Journalism can often be a profession that turns sour for those involved, especially when vile secrets have been hidden for far too long. Feedback comes from Spanish director Pedro C.Alonso and is his first English language feature film, which is impressive considering the casting and the budget put behind this film. Feedback takes what is a linear format, adds a little auto-tuning here and there, and becomes a far darker and grisly tale of exposing the lies of well-loved and recognised public figures. 

Jarvis Dolan is a talk show radio host, with a segment titled The Grisly Truth in which he talks in-depth about political and societal issues, with his latest ramblings talking about Brexit. With the ratings rapidly decreasing, the producer explains that he would like to reintroduce his old co-host and colleague Andrew Wilde. After some doubtful conversations, Jarvis agrees to the new formatting, however, he wants to be on air from 10pm for an hour before Andrew comes back into the air. With everything settled, Jarvis proceeds to start his show but very quickly becomes hostage to his own scandalous reality. 

Read the full review over on Jumpcut Online

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