Horror Film Review: Ebola Syndrome 1996 Japanese CAT III

Director: Herman Yau
Starring: Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Yeung-Ming Wan and Fui-On Shing
Duration: 98 minutes (Three hours uncut)

So, when I was only three years old, Herman Yau released probably one of the mentalist films I’ve ever seen; Ebola Syndrome. Yes, I agree, it’s most likely the most inappropriate time to review this film due to current going-ons, but when you see a film named that you can’t just leave it unwatched. Also, this is meant to be Japanese snuff, but I seem to have veered off into all CAT III and forgotten to focus primarily on snuff – so you’ll just have to like it or lump it. Snuff month is ending rapidly, but please don’t cry, as there will be plenty more in the future.

The premise of this insane film is fairly straightforward; Kai is pounding his boss’ wife, and like every good husband, his boss attempts to lob his dick off in front of the whole family. Who says that’s not a family activit? Kai won’t be the victim here, so he creatively slaughters the boss, wife and son whilst the young daughter intently soaks in the vile smell of rust and rage. With a bounty hanging over his head, he flees to South Africa. Ten years later he’s working in a restaurant serving mutilated frogs, when he takes a trip with his boss to get pigs from an African tribe. Kai clearly can’t control his perturbed sexual urges, so he rapes an African tribe woman whilst she’s having an ebola fit – kind of like a human sized vibrator. From there, Kai becomes engrossed in being an absolute fucking nutter and spreading ebola like wild fire.

Horro Film Review: Ebola Syndrome 1996 Japanese CAT III

Some of these CAT III films have amazingly intense gore and violence, however they lack in two areas that Ebola Syndrome really picks up on; comedy and storyline. Admittedly, I will watch 90 minutes of nothing but gore, but it’s obviously far more satisfying when the characters have definition and there’s questions to be asked. We’re plunged into the berserk waters within the first few minutes, giving us a succulent taste of the disturbing yet hilarious scenes to come.

Throughout the film, Kai progressively becomes more and more engrossed in his own capabilities of raping, butchering and being an all round arsehole to nearly every one he meets. He continuously mentions how people are “bullying” him, and his response is to bring bloodshed down on them. In one scene he viciously rapes his new boss’ wife, and then executes the boss, the wife and her cousin using various restaurant utilities and chairs. In a particularly gruesome scene, he grinds and pulverises the trio, turning them in scrumptious “African buns” loaded with a dose of ebola and human flesh. The customers can’t get enough of them!

The disease that steadily liquefies your insides spreads continuously as Kai can’t keep it in his trousers for more than twenty seconds. This is where my slightly sick brain initiated the funny factor, and as crowds behind to convulse involuntarily, I was in hysterics imagining them also shout that they’re going to shit themselves. If you want to know why I’d presume this, then you will have to ask to know this strange story from my life. Anyway, back to epidemic ebola.

Horror Film Review: Ebola Syndrome 1996 Japanese CAT III

As a nationwide manhunt commences, Kai learns of his new ability, which is having a deadly infectious virus that even the HAZMAT suits are terrified of contracting. Then again no one wants to have their muscles rot away from under their skin. Obviously, I’m trying to encourage you to see this movie, so I won’t give away the ending, but you can imagine how the show down goes when a mentally unstable weirdo starts not giving a fuck and spitting god damn blood on everyone and everything, whilst shouting “EBOLAAAAAA!” Oh god, I’m crying with laughter just remembering. The amount of jokes in this film is almost unbearable for me. Haha.

Ebola Syndrome is gross, implacable, savage, nauseating, comically priceless and one hell of a pleasurable ride. I thought it would be absolute trash, but I stand corrected and impressed for a film about something so brutal. Dark humour makes everything more sinister and unsettling, yet that’s what makes this film so relentlessly grim. It is probably an acquired taste, but it’s a million miles away from the disgusting content seen in some CAT III films. Seriously though, you’re looking for something to watch this weekend; you’ve just found it. Oh, and I didn’t bother with the three hour uncut version because “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!” but I’m mildly yearning to do so in the future.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Bonus: it’s on YouTube and here it is, so you have no excuse but to watch it!

68 thoughts

  1. As much as I’m a horror fan, I don’t think I’d have the stomach to watch this movie. Brilliant review by the way.

      1. It’s not that I’m chicken or anything, it’s just there are some things that I know will freak the absolute shit out of me.

      2. Course not Vin πŸ˜‰ haha I’m kidding! That makes sense, there’s some films I haven’t watched as I think I’ll get too freaked out! Human Centipede 2 made me physically sick – never again!

      3. I don’t think I’ll ever see those films, heard too much gruesome stuff about them already.

      4. I don’t have a number fan horror film but The Descent, The Innocents, Alien, The Wicker Man and The Orphanage are probably five of my favourites.

  2. This sounds fabulously mental! Could this be the start of CAT III month?

    I think you know I’m going to ask you about the “strange story from your life”, It sounds enthralling!

    I might have to watch the long epic version of this gem. Wonderful review as always, you massive bag of glitter!

    1. It might possibly be! I do have a new film coming though that I NEED to review.
      Hahaha, it’s more something I made up that would possibly divert rapists. I perfected the the whole scene any everything!
      I think you should watch the long one – it’s like an endurance test! Thank you πŸ™‚

      1. Well it’s good to see you back as a busy blonde blogger again.
        I think I’ve worked out what it could be.
        It’s on my list. My ever growing list.

      2. Big Beautiful Women? Oh you mean like the porn ones, right? Yeah, they’re great!
        I think it might just work, unless the rapist has one of those weird fetishes.

      3. Yeah them ones. Nice bit of cushion for the pushing.
        Well, that is the possibility, but I’m thinking it’s never really going to get much worse ha.

  3. Brilliant review Zoe! This sounds pretty good I like the fact there is some comedy in it, I mean going around saying people are “bullying” him ha ha! Looks like pretty good special effects too.

    I hadn’t heard of Cat III films before, I’ll do some research!

    P.S – ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat – lol!!! (Russell Howard?)

    1. Thank you Emma! I think without the comedy it would have been a particularly difficult watch! Such bullies aren’t they haha!
      Yeah special effects were good too. It’s pretty much a rating system in Japan for extreme films that contain lots of gore or sex. Almost like a worse version of our 18s!
      P.S. Yes πŸ˜› Russell Howard! So glad you picked up on that. Makes me laugh so much πŸ™‚

      1. Haha, I thought so! I like that show too πŸ™‚ and that phrase is so funny!

        “long legged mack daddy!”

        I do love the idea of the humour in this, it must have made it more memorable as well as watchable!

        I’m going to look up some more Cat III films – I’m sick of these pussy rated 18 Disney flicks!

      2. Hehe, that’s funny too! Great show!
        Yeah, I think without the humour it would have been a little too grim, especially considering the topic!
        Fuck those 18 rated Bambi bullshit, you need some hardcore shit in your life!

  4. This sounds kind of icky…. Is that some piss I see up there??? HMMMM


    I think I’d rather look at some of those costumes you mentioned elsewhere….

    Great post! I’m glad we’ve met!


      1. Always great to get a new addition, wouldn’t you say brother? It’s good bringing someone else into the fold.

    1. Yeah, that’s some piss… Not really feeling the whole piss-on-face scene.
      I think I’d rather look at me in those costumes too, less messy!

      1. I love it!

        I’m going to eat my lunch now and get on a conference meeting if I disappear for a minute


      2. Lunch was decent and the meeting was stupid….


      3. #purposefulcollarloosening

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