HAIL SATAN! Those are of course the words you would expect every rich white suburban mum to utter when putting on a spread for her equally as upper-class and stuck-up parental group. However, in Satanic Panic, director Chelsea Stardust explores the possibility of the secret behind rich elitist success and power being the fact that they have sold their souls to the Devil, and the conspiracy just seems to fit so well. Even though some might think that it sounds like a dig at those with money, it’s far from that; the film feels like a harmless joke amongst friends, one that makes fun of the rich but also the blue collar worker. 

Sam is a newly employed pizza delivery girl, and it’s her first night on the job. After making no tips from her deliveries, she jumps at the chance to deliver an out of zone pizza order to a place call Mill Basin – expecting a big tip as it’s where all the rich reside. Once Sam arrives she once again receives no tip… Soon she realises her moped is out of gas and she can’t even leave until she’s received some form of tip. She enters into the house to demand money, but quickly becomes a part of a Satanic summoning and has to fight against a coven for her life.

Read the full review over on Jumpcut Online.

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