Do you like your films sick, depraved and sexually twisted? Flesh Meat Doll(s) from C.Huston is a short extreme horror film that revels in more balls and blood than any other extreme piece of cinema. Even with a runtime of just 15 minutes, this exploitation perversion of cinema knows exactly what a fucked-up audience are looking for and how to immerse their fleeting attention span in something truly soul-destroying. 

As the title suggests, an unidentified man treats his victims like meat dolls by using and abusing them for sexual gratification, all the whilst mutilating their bodies to satisfy his need for gory carnage. The opening of the short is horrific in it’s depiction of sexual violence against another; it shows the unidentified man rape another man who is tied to a pole whilst blood pours from every orifice. He continues on to slit his throat whilst still abusing his body, and therefore crossing over into the realms of necrophilia. Even though this opening is truly distressing, it’s presented differently to many other extreme films; the lightning is mesmerising, the shots are clean, and it doesn’t feel as dirty as watching something like Nekro from 1998.

Many short extreme films aim to shock the audience as quickly as possible by overstretching themselves and what is shown on screen. Hudson’s Flesh Meat Doll(s) has a gentle pace to it, one that still frames highly shocking scenes but with a softer, more gradual tone to them, which makes the short easier to digest than many counterparts. That’s not to say it doesn’t churn your stomach, because this is very extreme, but the tone isn’t like an erratic beating to your mind, it’s more sensual and nurturing, which makes the short even more disgusting in some ways.

This short features real pornographic acts, combined with outstanding special effects, realistic acting and extremely disturbing scenes. Flesh Meat Doll(s) is a sensually sickening nightmare that treats the viewer like a meat doll to be abused through visual stimulation. 

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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