How do you take such a dark topic as father abandonment issues and turn them into a comedy horror film? That question can be answered in its entirety in Ant Timpson’s latest film Come To Daddy, which screened as the opening film of FrightFest 2019. With a back catalogue that exploits Timpson as producer on some of the most hilarious, gory and tongue-in-cheek films including Deathgasm,Turbo Kid and The Greasy Strangler, it’s no wonder that this movie managed to make such a perverse impact on the audience. Drawing on his own experiences with his Dad passing away, being isolated with the dead body and being told to find ways to speak about any “daddy” issues he had, Timpson delivers a wickedly comedic film that will keep you shocked, entertained and in a state of surprise.

Keep reading on Jumpcut Online to find out why I fucking loved this film!

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