IT: Chapter Two has been one of the most anticipated horror films for just over two years now, with fans and even non-fans of the genre desperate to see the terrifying Pennywise dance his ways onto our screens and bring our worst nightmares to life. The first film came with much precipitation regarding how Andy Muschietti would bring to life Stephen King’s well-defined and well-loved storytelling to screen and how anyone would be able to match Tim Curry’s performance of Pennywise from the IT miniseries. We were not left disappointed with the first film, it was structured, easy to watch and most importantly, it generated fear amongst the audience. With this in mind, it seemed inevitable that Muschietti’s part two of the film would deliver on everything it did in the first. Chapter Two presents exactly what the audience expects to see, terrifies us in moments in calm and builds on character development, yet doesn’t quite manage to make the same impression the second time around. 

You can read the full review over on Jumpcut Online!

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