Have you ever seen a short horror film so bizarre that you just cannot put it into words? That’s exactly how I would describe Auopssessed by director Emil Levin. This short film is a homage to extreme cinema and splatter films, those of which focus on combining elements of comedy with graphic and intense special effects that really make the stomach churn. 

A young woman goes through surgery, but fortunately for her the doctor performing it is completely batshit crazy. As he tries to discover the cure for her case, it seems that both of them are having more fun indulging in discovering the alphabet of organs that are inside of her than doing what’s ethically correct. 

This extreme short film is presented to the audience more like a hallucinatory dream sequence than an operation being performed. It leaves you feeling queasy, blurry and a little unsure of what you’ve just lived through which is why it comes across as so strange to watch. We can only presume that the woman who finds such enjoyment from the doctor slowly pulling out her intestines and tickling her innards, is experiencing some form of trip from the anesthesia which has conjured up her imagings of what a deformed doctor might take pleasure in. 

It’s these scenes of organ removal and molestation that seem to make us feel uncomfortable, and that’s also due to the emphasis put on the effects of the gore pulled from the patient. We see slime covered livers, spleens and intestines crushed so the fleshy insides are dripping everywhere. If you’re squeamish when it comes to the human body, then Auopssessed is a film that you should avoid at all costs, as it’s very graphic. Through the use of these visceral props that represent the human body in disgusting ways, it’s clear that this short is a labour of love from Levin and shows his dedication to the genre of extreme horror. 

Auopssessed isn’t a film that you’ll want to casually watch on a Sunday morning; it’s something I would suggest being in the right frame of mind for. It is perturbing, yet humorous and delightfully weird. Even though it wouldn’t be in my personal repertoire of films as too many gross-out scenes make me uncomfortable, there are certainly enough gore lovers out there to want this slice of hospital hell on their shelves.

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