For the past couple of months I’ve been lucky enough to attend the masterclasses run by The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies for Jumpcut Online. Now it’s time for their next masterclass and I’m here to urge you to get some tickets and broaden your horror knowledge!

The first class that I attended was Horror and Hilarity: Grand Guignol which was delivered by the incredible Richard Hand. The second class that i had the pleasure of attending was The Paranoid Women’s Film by Mark Jancovich. Both of these masterclasses gave me an insight into topics that I wasn’t as knowledgable about beforehand. The Grand Guignol class in particular gave me some invaluable content that helped with my research for my first ever podcast episode, therefore showing just how helpful these classes can be to those who are going to use the content.

This time the Queen of Horror, aka Nuzo Onoh, will be delivering a masterclass on African Horror: Shades of Superstition. This is a particularly interesting topic area as it’s something that is often not spoken about enough in the horror genre, but Onoh is going to change that! Her talk will be focused on the literature side of things, where she will covering different aspects from how African Horror is defined, how it’s influenced more recent sub-genres and more. What looks the most interesting about this talk is looking at how religious beliefs, misconceived stereotypes and superstitions within the African culture have become a large part of the horror literature.

Not only are The Miskatonic Institute of Horror evenings exceptionally informative and interesting, they’re hosted in The Horse Hospital in Holborn, London. They also have cheap booze to get you through the evening which runs for approx. 3 hours. Tickets start from just £11 and I would highly urge you to attend and broaden your horror knowledge!

For more information on the event, you can visit their website.

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