The wonderful guys over at JUMPCUT Online decided to put together a charity initiative, and we’ll all be doing 24hr movie marathons to raise money for various charities!

I’ll be inflicting 24hrs of terror directly into my eyeballs with a non-stop movie marathon of horror films 😱 Your donations won’t be supplying my snacks, but will go to Barnet Mencap, which is a charity that helps support disabled people in the North London area. I spent 5 years working as a carer for disabled children and my younger brother has autism, so this is a cause that really means a lot to me. Any donation will help!

Want to get involved?

  • When you donate any amount under £10 I’ll give you a massive shoutout on Twitter
  • Donate £10 – £20 and you can choose one of the films I’ll be watching (it must be horror, but ANYTHING of your choice)
  • Anything over £20 is crazy generous, and I’ll do the previous plus I’ll send you personal selfie updates and let you choose my snacks

You can donate here! Thank you so much for supporting a cause that really means a lot to me – especially during Autism Awareness Week.

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