We all have preconceptions about what will happen at clinics that involve medical procedures, and they’re usually very over-the-top and not particularly realistic at all. Unplanned Parenthood from director Emil Johansson looks at what happens when one woman’s ideas about her last visit to a doctors check-up become personified.

The pregnant woman who is played perfectly by Patrik Brander goes to the clinic for one of her check-ups only to realise that the doctors and nurses have a far more sinister plan for her unborn child. They plan on cutting the child out of her and brutally murdering it in front of her, purely because the pregnancy wasn’t planned and was out of wedlock. This short horror film might sound like a wacky thrill ride that is a little tongue-in-cheek, which it most certainly is, but it grazes past a lot of very important and pressing societal issues.

Exceptionally dark in every way possible, with a commentary on how women are judged due to unplanned pregnancy and single parenting, Unplanned Parenthood adds a dash of humour to a pressing issue. It also has a B-movie vibe that really sits well with the humour, the effects and completely stupid gore. If you’re looking for something fun, fucked-up and forward thinking, this is it. You can purchase and watch the film here.

Verdict: 3.5 out of 5

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