What films make you feel uncomfortable to the point that you can’t stand it anymore? There are certain films out there that aim to push past your boundaries and make you feel something you’ve never felt before. Those are the films that really make an impact on the audience and stay with the viewer for years to come after their first viewing experience. For me, the first time I watched something that crossed those moral boundaries I had put in place for myself made me realise that although disturbing, these films really opened up the human psyche and took into consideration how the human brain works.

Many of these films are deemed controversial and have gained a notorious reputation within the film industry as some of the worst; but aren’t they designed to cause the viewer to feel a more extreme emotion? In the series “Boundary Pushing in the Controversial…” I explore some of the films that are most recognised for exhibiting disturbing content of an extreme nature and how the viewer is both repulsed and fascinated by how they push their personal boundaries.

You can read the series on That Moment In.

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