The limitations of horror are endless, which is proven when you discover there are masterclasses being hosted in London that focus solely on different aspects of the genre. The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an organisation that are dedicated to providing horror fans and academics with information about various topics of the genre, starting with their first class of this year: Horror and Hilarity: The Grand Guignol.

I was lucky enough to attend the masterclass with professor Richard J. Hand to find out a little more about how this horrific theatre that was around in the 1820s in Paris helped to influence the horror genre that we see today. And that’s not where the terror stops, throughout the coming months the Miskatonic will be hosting more of these events in London including talks on African horror, Clive Barker and more!

Horror and Hilarity: Grand Guignol review

What’s coming up at the Miskatonic Institute for Horror Films 2019

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