It seems impossible to construct some of the most sickening and extreme scenes ever witnessed by humanity in a mere 18 minutes, but if you speak to any murderer, you’ll find out that it’s often in a shorter time span when insanity ensues the most depraved acts are carried out… With this in mind, extreme horror short Nekro (1998) proves that point by forcing the audience to sit through 18 minutes of pure sensory hell.

As with many extreme films, plot lines aren’t an essential part of the storytelling process and the focus is always more on how disturbing can the scenes get… We follow one man on his short lived abduction, destruction and climaxing of a woman. In sickening sexual frenzy, he subjects his victim to a brutal attack that feels too close to the real brutalisations of women in tales of erotic murder.

Guy covered in blood fucking corpse in Nekro 1998 short horror film

This short film is directed by Mick Nards and Vince Roth, who seem to have nothing else tucked under their belts made from the nightmares of women walking home at night. Nekro is a short that makes feature lengths films such as Tumbling Doll of Flesh feel as through they spent far too many minutes dragging out a violation that can be committed within a few minutes if your cock is hard enough and the blood is flowing thoroughly enough… Prepare your weakened mind for a viscous off-screen rage-induced stabbing that will leave your guts feeling like they could spill on the floor in a similar manner. With 20 years of age, the grainy quality gives a raw and realistic element, one that is often used in extreme films much like August Underground to give the human mind a tougher time on processing the scenes.

Afterwards, the victim is subjected to the protagonist’s most carnal desires… It seems that if he had not have pursued her death, he would make for an extremely attentive lover, however, if her corpse could object, it seems certain she would disagree with her visceral being used as a lubricant and receiving head whilst her innards are expertly displayed. As with all foreplay, this leads to a gore-slathered fuck fest which is one of the most uncomfortable and disturbing few minutes you will witness on screen. Even though similar to many other extreme horror movies, and lasting for a mere amount of time, the sound affects that are screeching into your carpel tunnel will vibrate vomit from your stomach to your mouth. Pleasurable moans, gasps and grunts are combined with screams and distortion which makes the experience like watching 2 guys 1 hammer whilst on acid…

If you’ve got the stomach for 18 minutes of of relentless blood soaked pornography, you can embrace this tale of intimacy and madness over at Massacre Video!

Verdict: 4 out of 5

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