Extreme horror films aren’t always complex things and are designed for those who have a very particular taste, one that focuses purely on nasty, obscene things that aim to shock the audience. If you’ve heard of Lucifer Valentine’s Vomit Gore Trilogy, you’ll be well aware that some films just aren’t going to please everyone… Blood Corrodes Inside: Vanity comes from a director and actress that both share a love for the works of Valentine, which oozes through in this dark and disturbing extreme horror short.

After being unexpectedly left by a presumed spouse, our protagonist delves clit first into a sexually fuelled self destruction void, filled with a blood and gore… This short film from the production company A Baroque House is a combination of explicit pornography and self mutilation, which are common themes that run throughout the extreme horror genre. Although it may seem a little drastic that our protagonist takes such horrific actions after being left by her significant other, we have to try to appreciate the headspace that she may have been in, and the fact that she would have most likely already had a morbid attraction with self-harm and violence. These internal demons lead her down a dark path which ends in brutality for herself.

naked woman covered in blood in bathroom

Something that I often find tedious in extreme horror films, but is very common, is the pornography element. In Vanity the pornography drags on and feels there to purely entice some male viewers with it’s extreme nature and close ups, but for me, it didn’t add too much to the film and could have been cut short as there’s honestly only so much penetrated pussy I want to see, but that could be a matter of taste. Regardless of this matter, it takes a lot of guts to masturbate so openly on camera and therefore all credit goes where credit is due. 

The mutilations are brutal and disturbing, but there was some questioning in parts about where the blood was coming from as there hadn’t been a defined cut. However, the gore does amp up with body parts being severed and thrown about like discarded candy wrappers, which is difficult to watch at times to see someone think so little of their physical parts that they would easily discard of them and take enjoyment from it. There is one particular moment with a tongue that is very reminiscent of a scene from Tumbling Doll of Flesh… It will leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Blood Corrodes Inside: Vanity is a subtle nod to Women’s Flesh: My Red Room, which was made my the same team behind the fucked-up Tumbling film. You’ll notice very similar themes throughout Vanity, and it even seems that it’s a revamped version of the original. For extreme horror lovers, these 20 minutes will fill you with disgusting delight.

Verdict: 2.5 out of 5 

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