Extreme films will never have the same release rate of other sub-genres of horror, but it’s easy to miss them when they’re hidden beneath the depths of more well-known films. This year has some great extreme films being released, both new and some slightly older but now with reachable accessibility (meaning you don’t have to buy an extortionately priced DVD from a man on the other side of the world). Here are five extreme horror films to watch in 2019…

5. Too Extreme For Mainstream

This is most definitely not a film, but a new film distribution label where you’ll be able to find all the most extreme films possible. Created by the master of horror that is Stephen Biro, comes Too Extreme For Mainstream. This distribution label takes films that have been deemed even too extreme for the Unearthed label and releases them to us sick fuckers. The reason most of these films have not received distribution is due to aspects such as real pornography, and acts that are illegal in some countries. If you’re looking for your one stop destination to destroy your soul, this is the place. One recommendation to check out once it launches is Deep Web XXX.

4. Torment

This film will also be released under the label mentioned above (can you see the running theme here?) and comes from director Adam Ford. Inspired by the real serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the film Torment features some of the worst sexualised violence against men ever documented on film. If you see just 30 seconds of the trailer it’s immediately clear that the audience are in for an experience that would give John Wayne Gacy himself PTSD. I think we’re all ready to scar ourselves mentally for life and make our coulrophobia even worse than it was.

3. Brutal

This film is from a couple of years back and was released just at the end of December, but for most who have just made the purchase, it will be one of the first viewing experiences of the year. Brutal comes from director Takashi Hirose, and from the trailer looks like a shocking exploitation of murder and love. The film follows two serial killers; one male and one female who both have their own desires and fetishes behind their brutal slayings. When their paths cross, they must confront the reasons for their sick debaucheries. I’ve read that Brutal opens with a room full of women being brutally beaten to death within a mere few minutes – the perfect start!

2. DIS

From the synopsis of the film, it sounds like an urban legend movie that won’t quite hit the spot, yet once you see the trailer for Adrian Corona’s DIS, you’ll soon realise this Hell is one worth visiting. The mandrakes are blooming and they need to be fed; a legend that runs true in the woods. One man finds himself amidst a disturbing myth that is relentless in its pursuit for depravity and flesh. You might have green fingers but this experience is not for the average gardener, as it looks like a cortex delusion of frightening imagery and dystopian deaths.

1. Climax

For those of us who are in the UK and didn’t attend Frightfest 2018, this film is considered a 2019 release… Climax from controversial director Gaspar Noe, known for his notorious Irreversible, is set to be another lesson in how to disturb the audience beyond their senses. A group of dancers unknowingly begin to drink punch spiked with LSD, what ensues from there is a trip that no-one will come back from. Climax is set to give us a descent into a drug-fuelled orgy of adultery, sodomy, blood, gore and death.

What extreme horror movies are you looking forward to watching in 2019? Let me know over on Twitter @ZoboWithShotgun or Instagram

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