Steering clear of mainstream horror seems inexplicable easy this time around, which is a nice feat especially when it usually takes hours to find anything remotely independent. Alas, this year might be the worst weather wise but the horror film heavens are shining bright upon us. Here’s another five to check out…

They Look Like People

Not necessarily defined as horror but the classification is subjective to who is watching, so it’s being given the go ahead from me. There’s often a much more defined terror when a film focuses on psychological issues and the human mind as the possibilities are a reality, which is what They Look Like People aims to do.

Wyatt starts receiving terrifying midnight calls informing him that monsters disguised as humans surround him, but is it the truth or is he becoming the real monster? Paranoia and anxiety drive this film in to dizzying panic as we watch the tension unbearably mount between Wyatt and his friend; culminating in the break down of their morals and ending in the most inhuman way possible.


I can’t fathom the thinking behind the person who first introduced clowns, but I do know they’re one twisted individual; there’s nothing quite as sinister as the disguised child murderer. They might be a personal phobia but that’s what makes them so addictive and the man that always gets it spot on is obviously Rob Zombie.

The alluring Sheri Moon Zombie stars in the comical carnage, which sets a group of carnival works against a savaged group of clowns in what looks like Circus Hell. With Zombie directing it’s a certainty that it’s going to be fucked-up beyond belief, which is exactly what entertainment is all about. What also makes it awesome? All this nastiness is coming to the big screen so you can make it a family movie night just for the fun.

The Devils Candy


If The Loved Ones didn’t engross you then it’s best you don’t involve yourself with Director Sean Byrne’s latest feat, which delves in the satanic realm, The Devil’s Candy. Combining horror and heavy metal always proves to be a winner as exhibited in Deathgasm; if you’re a fan of both genres then it’ll really get your eye-buds excited.

Harvesting children’s souls is what determines those delicious and devilish treats in this journey into the supposedly perfect family home and life. Occult films usually either go two ways; they’ll be the most atrocious shit you’ve ever watched (no we’re not talking so bad they’re good B movies) or it’ll be a horrifying experience that you just want to forget. My bets on the latter for this one.

The Neon Demon

The first thing I noticed about The Neon Demon when originally writing a piece for SCREAM mag was how alluring and vibrant the imagery used was. There’s always something so enticing about a horror film that looks beautiful – it creates confusing and distracting emotions. Nicholas Winding Fehn is behind some of these compelling pictures including Drive, Only God Forgives and Bronson.

Elle Fanning stars as a rising fashion model – an industry that can be considered Hell in itself, giving the perfect premise to take an overused idea and make it something magnificent. Opposite the enchanting beauty is Keanu Reeves as we delve into a neon infatuated world crawling with cannibalistic tendencies. Vanity can be an ugly sin, but if it’s used in the right way it can cause bloody chaos.

The Invitation

Ambiguity seeps from every crevice of Karyn Kusuma’s carefully crafted cult horror The Invitation. Dinner parties are supposed to be lined with friendly frolicking and a subdued atmosphere, but the opposite is abundant as we see how gut instinct formulates into the most essential human skill in this slow-burning beauty.

Every scene adds something vital to the culmination of suspicion and dread as Will, grows ever uneasy with every course and glass of red wine on offer. Everyone has had that overwhelming feeling of being the only person under an uncomfortable strain and the accusations of being paranoid, but this film proves that sometimes those debilitating feelings are something you should never ignore.

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