Nina Forever 2015 British Horror Film

We’re only half way through 2015 and luckily there’s plenty more horror films to check out before the year is over. I thought I’d let you all know which five films I’m really stoked for! Obviously there were quite a few films that I’m excited for but didn’t make the final cut, so do mention any your looking forward to.

Featuring in my list is Nina Forever (image above), The Hallow and…

Guess you’ll have to have a clickety-click and read the rest to find out!

3 thoughts

  1. Nina Forever has a great premise, I like reading that The Hallow is Straw Dogs Meets Pans Labyrinth. If Walls Were Blood has a great title. Oh and High RIse was based on a book from the author of Crash and Empire of The Sun. Im interested

    1. Nina Forever looks really promising. Straw Dogs & Pans Labyrinth are two favs, so should be pretty scary. Yes I saw that too. Although I’m not usually into book adaptations, this looks like it’ll pull it off well!

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