Absence, name change & a complete overhaul

I doubt any of you are wondering where i’ve been the last few weeks, but I’ll tell you anyway. I’ve been exceptionally busy working three jobs, seven days a week, hence why I’ve been absent from here for not too long.

I’m currently in the process of completely overhauling my blog and giving it a well deserved make-over after it looking generally dull for the last couple of years. The first change is going from The Film Fetishist to Zobo With A Shotgun, which personally I think is a far better name.

I’m also in the process of getting someone to redesign my website, and rather than using a WordPress theme, I should have my own design up and running.

When all this will be completed is another story… I will update you & try to keep blogging as much as possible. I will also respond to all your lovely comments and award nominations (I’m talking to you Emma!), so please don’t hate me ;).

While you wait for my return, you can continue to read my mediocre writing over at http://www.screamhorrormag.com

Blood & guts, Z.

10 Replies to “Absence, name change & a complete overhaul”

  1. I’ve really fucking missed you! Stop working and come back to me!


    1. I really fucking missed you too! I’m missing my life! I will run away from work, onto a plane and into your armssss for a #lingeringsqueeze

      1. I’ll be right here waiting for you with a #purposefullingering and some

  2. Ha! Great new name! Having your own theme is always better than a WP one, and kudos to you for stepping it up a notch. Good luck with everything 😉

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