Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve never written an article on here that was not film-focused and light hearted, so I thought I would entertain the hysteric masses of perverted women (and men) and do something a little different.

After some arousing conversation on Twitter regarding pictures of men covered in blood, I thought that I’d do a fun top ten of the hottest men in horror to be covered in blood. This has all stemmed from my excitement at seeing Andrew Lincoln bloodied after ripping a throat out, that was pretty incredible.

If you find enjoyment from this post, then I’ll do it again. Submissions welcomed!

10. Bruce Campbell as Ash in The Evil Dead

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

9. Dean and Sam Winchester



8. Cillian Murphy

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

7. Ethan Philbeck as Steve in Found

Horror Film Review: Found 2012

6. Iwan Rheon in Game of Thrones

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

5. Josh Brolin

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

4. Charlie Hunman


3. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

2. Evan Peters in American Horror Story

Hottest Men IN hORROR: Lavished in Blood

1. Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead

Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood

You all knew I’d choose this because… What was I saying?

185 Replies to “Hottest Men in Horror: Lavished in Blood”

  1. Well that’s one eventful post to say the least. I knew you’d do a post like this and you delivered sister.

      1. Hopefully! I’m off to eat some lunch ~

      2. I have munched and live to tell about it : )

      3. That’s good to hear, over here I’ve just finished my dinner of Chinese Takeaway.

      4. Excellent! Nothing wrong with some Chinese every now and then…

      5. Jealous! i bloody love Chinese food 😛 Although, my salmon in a spicy honey glaze sauce with Chinese rice is better 😉

      6. That’s great, I’m sensing a bit of innuendo in that comment there Eric. hehe.

      7. I’m sorry to hear that, at least when you return it will be a nice surprise for you.

      8. I’m actually off to a horror event where i’ll be getting tortured for 6 hours…. So I may never come back and see the surprise…

      9. I should be good – hopefully they don’t torture me too much. I’m sure I’ll come back alive! I may be a changed person, but still alive.

      10. It’s not a festival, it’s a horror attraction – you know like FrightNight mazes at Thorpe Park? Well, it’s a six hour mental and physical endurance of simulated torture. Basically, (sorry if this is long in advance lol) there’s 10 players, we start with an elimination game where we have to compete in tasks against each other or like make other plays do the task. Then once you’re eliminated you go into ‘torture pods’ where you endure stuff like enclosed spaces, man handling, being gagged and bound, being submerged in water. It’s basically like an extreme event… And I’m going :O

      11. Jesus, it sounds intense. I thought when you said you were going to be tortured, it was some kind of S&M sex party or something.

      12. Hahaha, no, unfortunately not! Yeah, it will be intense. I’ll be writing a review and hopefully adding some video footage, so you’ll get to see me ha!

      13. I look forward to reading that review, will certainly be eye-opening.

      14. You go for it girl, you could try out some of those dangerous moves you’ve been practicing.

      15. Not the S&M part, but if it was a sex party, I would definitely consider it. What about you, sex party not your scene?

      16. Oh, I get you! Would you? Fair play! I don’t think I’d enjoy a sex party – I’m more just one on one hahaha.

      17. I guess as a single male (I’m just guessing you’re single, sorry if you’re not!) it’s probably more appealing than to me lol

      18. There is something appealing about it I’ll say that, even if the only time I’ve seen it is via porn, hehe.

      19. I don’t watch that much porn, honestly. Don’t judge me too harshly, I’m a good guy at heart, haha.

      20. I’m judging you so harshly right now Vin… Haha, I don’t care how much porn you watch – what you do in your own time, ain’t none of my business!

  2. I don’t know what it is about him, but I love Evan Peters! He has a “quality” that I can’t quite pinpoint but he’s wonderful 🙂

    1. I don’t fancy him but I think I understand what you mean, he has that intensity to him.

      1. It would appear to be that and many girls I know say he’s got a great ass, haha.

      2. You rate it highly then? Well to be fair he has it out enough in American Horror Story.

      3. It must a clause in his contract, get your ass out for all the ladies to drool over.

      4. He didn’t get his bum out too much! I’m more into his face… He looks remarkably like my boyfriend funnily enough, possibly why I like him so much ha!

    2. I feel exactly the same! There’s just something about him that’s so wonderful. I think maybe he seems quite innocent but always plays nasty characters… Something like that, but yes he’s lovely 🙂

      1. Yes! That’s probably it. He seems like a sweetheart who has just been thrown a crappy hand in life and needs a hug.

      2. I think he summed that up when he was discussing playing Tate in Murder House. He said something along the lines of “He could kiss you, or kill you.”

      3. Pretty much the perfect man. I guess it’s that mix of sweet and innocent, with a dark and slightly dangerous side! Unpredictable.

      4. Evan Peters is definitely getting the love here on this site, and while I don’t fancy him, he does have a peach of an ass.

      5. I mean girls always compliment one another on appearance, why shouldn’t us guys do the same?

      6. Seeing as we’ve been discussing bums, you could do a post on it. Would definitely get a lot of views and comments.

      7. It would be fun though, I’m not complaining about the NSFW content. Plus, any excuse to admire ass, hehe.

      8. I know you’re not, but there’s some people who see my blog that I’d rather not see the bums lol. You should do the ass post!

      9. I completely understand we’re you’re coming from sister. I may have to do an ass post in the future.

      10. My boss reads some of my reviews so have to keep it PC to a certain extent! Do it Vin – you’re great at those kind of posts!

      11. Ooh, I get you. You don’t want your boss seeing a whole load of peachy asses.

      12. Very much enjoyed Vin! You hit the spot with Kylie! You should have put Jen Selter in there though – doing it for us big bottomed gals.

      13. Glad Kylie went down well. Sorry I will feature Selter in the future. Any of the guys do it for you sister?

      14. Yes, she did! Awesome 🙂 Yes they did. Don’t know who the first guy is, but the Hemsworth brothers are rather purdy!

      15. The first guy was Matt Bomer, wasn’t that a fine ass he’s got? As you said the Hemsworth brothers have finely formed asses.

      16. He’s an actor. Having a fine ass must definitely run in the family if those two are anything to go by.

      17. Yes, completely. Maybe we should offer him lots of hugs? It would be our good deed 🙂 Have you heard about him being beaten by his gf Emma Roberts?

      18. I know! It’s absolutely mental! Yeah, it makes me sad too 😦 It’s why when I watch AHS I just hate looking at her face.

  3. Mmmm hmmmm honey (said in a sassy voice with a possible finger click!)

    That is an awesome post Zoe!!!!! I love the way you’ve kept it relevant to your interests with the oh-so-cool idea of added blood!!! 🙂

    I really like Cillian Murphy as you know! Wouldn’t kick Josh Brolin out of bed either….! Bruce Campbell is an inspired choice ❤

    Can I add one? I know some of his films are shit but Cabin Fever does rock!!! And he's so fit…..(wait I'll send it on twitter – in which case if you see twitter first you'll think WTF is she sending me?!!)

    I've been thinking I could do a pervy post soon, you've inspired me!!!

      1. Maybe weird crushes? The people we fancy but shouldn’t! (Steve Buscemi is one of mine….well, 15 years ago anyway)

      2. That’s an interesting idea, then again half of the people I fancy are sexy as hell.

      3. Yeah but there’s gotta be someone who tickles your pickle that isn’t the ‘usual’ type?

      4. Let me get back to you on that one Emma, gotta do some important things. Be back soon.

      5. Haha! I love it!!!! You can’t deny a strange crush…..they’re better than sexy crushes sometimes……well at least I might actually have a shot!!!

      6. Sometimes they’re sexier than sexy crushes… How? Who knows! You’ve always got a shot! Loooking forward to the post 🙂 ❤

      7. Thanks Zoe 🙂

        And I do make a pretty good point there don’t I!!!! (well, I’m speaking for myself here!!!)

      8. We should definitely do this 🙂

        Gordon Ramsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That did make me giggle!!!

        Sometimes I think I fancy Beast from The Chase………….


      9. We should!
        I have no idea why and my Dad got really annoyed at me for saying it hahaha! Ben Stiller used to be one too.
        The Beast from The Chase, omg, that is the funniest! When I first read it I thought you were going to say from Beauty and the Beast but the one from The Chase! you got to go on there now 😉

      10. I have a friend who fancies the baddie (Gaston?) from Beauty and the Beast!!! Haha!!!!!!!!

        Ben Stiller I can understand! 🙂

        Haha, I’m laughing at myself with Beast from The Chase!!!! I think your ‘omg’ put it into perspective. I used to have a stupidly big crush on Shane Maguire from Shameless too (!!)

        We should do a joint post!!!!! ❤

      11. Hahaha brilliant! I used to fancy Ash from Pokemon. How can a cartoon be hot? Ask your friend! lol.
        It’s just so random! Especially because I’ve watched that and never ever thought mmm The Beast! I’m going to watch it now and study him….
        I understand that one, he has something! I quite liked Tom O’Leary and the ginger one that was obsessed with Karen?
        I am up for a joint point! That would be really cool :)<3

      12. I don’t know but now I’m thinking about Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid hahaha!!!!!

        I know, Beast is dreadful isn’t he!!! But he is brainy lol

        I remember the ginger one obsessed with Karen!!!! He ended up being a bit of a tosser (and went out with Mandy Maguire first?)

        Yeah I really liked Shane…in a really weird way he was like my ideal boyfriend!!! Haha!

        Definitely! let’s do this ❤

      13. Yeah he’s actually quite good looking! Oh my god, can’t believe we’re discussing hot cartoon characters haha!
        Yes, brains are super hot – I love nerdy guys!
        He did end up being a tosser – I think he turned out to be really really nasty actually.
        Hahaha I love it! You can’t beat a bit of rough, and he was quite a nice bloke under the trench coat1
        Yes, let’s do it ❤ Where do you want to chat about it? Where's best for you?

    1. I will forever have that image of you doing that in my head! It’s brilliant!
      Well, a few other horror loving girls and I were sharing pictures and I could see that we clearly enjoy the blood and men theme!
      Yes I know you do, that’s why he’s in there! He’s not overly my type but I knew you like him! Josh Brolin may be near my Dad’s age but he’s just beautiful. He’s probably the perfect man…. He reminds me of Josh Hartnett who is also my perfect man ha. Bruce may not be the hottest but he’s a legend! I’d sleep with him just for that fact.
      I got the picture and YES! HOW DID I NOT PUT HIM IN THERE? HE IS DAMN SEXY! I’m planning on making it a weekend endeavour so Eli Roth will be in there this week because you are so right!
      Do one! All the men do really pervy posts, so why shouldn’t we? And mine had no naked bits!

      1. Haha! I’m glad 🙂

        It was a great idea!!!! I love the idea of keeping up with the pervy men (ahem Vinnie!) and doing our own posts but it was a very clever touch keeping it on the right side of horror with the blood! 🙂

        OMG you’re so right!!!! Josh Brolin IS Josh Hartnett when he’s a bit older. Brolin is definitely fit! And Hartnett is even fitter 🙂

        I only thought of Eli Roth because there are a number of pictures of him covered in blood and I knew I’d seen some before (not because I was being a smart arse or anything…I’ve made it my business to look at pictures of him ha!).

        He is a bit of a ‘his & miss’ director but I love his big, hairy body haha!!!

        Thank you for including Cillian 🙂 he’s a bad, rude man! (I nicked that line from Spike from Buffy!!!!!)

        And yes just to say you’d slept with Bruce Campbell would be pretty cool!!! Same deal with say….Robert Englund? Haha!

      2. Hahaha, yes! Thank you for thinking it was clever 🙂 I wanted pervy but for a reason!
        Hartnett is a babe – I met him once after seeing him a theatre production and I died. Just was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
        It is now your new job to spend all day looking at Eli Roth covered in blood, I can appreciate that! I wish that was a paying job 😛
        Do you know what? I actually love all of Roth’s movies, there’s not been anything that I’ve not liked! I don’t know why everyone hates on him so much. That hairy bod, helloooo!
        Spike from Buffy is awesome! I love him too! Exactly! Same deal with Robert Englund, Morgan Freeman, Samuel J Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, etc etc!

      3. That is so cool!!!!!!! Did he still have his neck mole? (I don’t know why I asked that question considering all the questions I could have asked!!!!) where was this? 🙂

        I’m not that bothered about the Hostel films, especially the sequel but I do really, really love (and champion!) Cabin Fever. I wish he made more quirky movies like that one, it was brilliant.

        I’d love for him to make his trailer Thanksgiving (from Grindhouse) too!

        And I must watch Hemlock Grove soon!!!!

        I have a really cool painting of him at home (Eli I mean) it’s so good, it looks like a photograph and his face is covered in blood! I’ll take a pic 🙂

      4. You asked because his neck mole is strangely sexy and we all know it! He was in a theatre version of Rain Man in London, and he came out of the back stage door to sign stuff and I was there waiting (with my mate and our mums, wasn’t cool at all). I wish I had been older so I could’ve chatted him up 😦
        I loved the first Hostel film and then they kind of just get a bit bland, but I’m not sure how many he actually directed. CABIN FEVER IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE MOVIES! That movie is the dogs bollocks! I’m still waiting patiently for The Green Inferno – where is it?!
        Love that trailer too! All the Grindhouse trailers are just too badass – I want to go and watch it all now!
        I’ve not seen that either, but my friend said it’s amazzzzzingggggg, so let me know if it’s good 🙂
        Oh my gosh! Take a picture and show me yes please 🙂

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