Horror Film Review of Grace (2009)

Starring: Jordan Ladd, Gabrielle Rose and Samantha Ferris
Director: Paul Solet
Run time: 85 minutes

The subject of babies and children should usually be a chirpy one, but when you mix babies with horror, we all know the chilling and devastating effects. Think Rosemary’s Baby and Damian from The Omen – both films helped to install a slight weariness about children in me. I do try to remember most children and babies are not evil, nor the devil, but sometimes it can be hard.

The artwork for Grace was what intrigued me to watch this film, purely for the fact that blood-filled, fly-infested baby bottles somehow attract my interest. We watch as Madeline and her husband successfully become pregnant after a series of unfortunate miscarriages – only to be involved in a serious car accident. Madeline learns her child has unfortunately passed, but carries it until the end of the term when a miracle happens and the baby survives. The joyous occasion quickly turns sour when Madeline discovers her sweet innocent Grace doesn’t crave that breast milk goodness; instead she prefers something red and sticky.

This film is quite a slow burner, but it’s not always the action packed films that get my ‘like’ buds tingling, and for me this film had some sickly sweet moments. What I found interesting was that the film concentrates mainly on three strong willed women, who all have different intentions for Grace. In particular, we see Madeline’s mother-in-law, Vivian, become obsessed with the possibility of taking Grace as her own and the excitement of breastfeeding again. It gets a bit weird and milky.

As for Madeline – she shows real willing and the lengths a mother will go to, not only to protect her child but also to provide for her at any means necessary. Personally if my newborn child craved blood, I would most likely feel extremely queasy and possibly drive a stake through their heart (maybe too harsh). The building need to ensure the well being of her baby does make you wonder what you would do in an obscure situation as such – the lengths eventually reached are further than most would go.

As much as this film appealed to me, there were too many questions left unanswered. Even though I whole-heartedly believe that some films are better left unexplained, I think this was not one of them. The storyline has an air of mystery, but it delves too deep into something without even a small hint at the reason behind all the bizarreness. I also get the feeling that this film is more horrific to a woman viewer as the concept of pregnancy, birth and being a new mother is highly daunting anyway, without the thought of having your tits sucked dry by essentially your new vampire child. As a man, you’re not quite going to understand all that woman malarkey, so it just wouldn’t be as frightening.

For me, I thought this film lacked in a few places but I found its dark tone and various fucked-up characters a reason to keep watching. It has also added to my impending fear that having a baby will be gross and horrifying yet somehow delightful. Verdict: 3 out of 5

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  1. 3 out of five sounds about right for this thing… kinda boring…. but not this blog….. this blog is the best! If you ever drop your pen again let me know.

      1. Happy Tuesday indeed!!!


      2. #bestinvestmentever

        P.S. Land of the Dead is terrible…

      3. #doingbusiness
        P.S. I know 😦 I bought it on DVD before watching it and was like, fack. I was cracking up at the main zombie who is like clever hahaha!

      4. I’m not done with it yet but it’s really stupid… A zombie playing a tuba??? Really????


      5. I guess I was kept out of the loop….


      6. At least we have the Dead Reckoning….


  2. Great review! Totally agree! I watched this and found it kind of boring, but the fucked up characters (your words!) and icky blood scenes did keep me going.

    P.S I have a fear of childbirth too….not sure I’ll ever do it to be honest!

    1. Yeah, it’s very very slow, but I enjoyed it! Hehe, they are fucked up!
      I have a fear of childbirth too, and being pregnant, like IT’S MOVING INSIDE ME! If one appears in there, I’m telling them to cut it out!

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