Zombie Women of Satan Horror Film Review
This Freakshow are about the encounter some real freaks…

Director: Warren Speed
Starring: Victoria Broom, Victoria Hopkins and Warren Speed

When I read about this film in SFX magazine and read how it was all about zombies and boobs, I wasn’t certain if it would be my kind of film, seeing as I’m not a huge fan of one those things. Which one that is, you can decide. However, I prepared myself for the cheesy onslaught of nothing but ketchup-looking blood and consuming breasts, but I was more than pleasantly surprised.

When the titles started and I saw scantily clad women with their fancy undergarments soaked with the red liquid, I instantly thought “I was right.” and I knew it was going to be absolutely horrendous, in the sense that it would just be too low budget to bare. But as we’re introduced to the motley crew that is Pervo the clown, a mute strong man, a tattooed midget, a racy burlesque dancer, cowboy clad ‘ringmaster’ and a hardened metal chick, who become trapped in the twisted grounds of a sick family, the film is instantly a winner. As the group become entwined in maze of flesh-craving, boobie-bouncing zombie women, not only does the humour continuously ensue, but as do the numerous grisly bludgeoning.

Even though there was an abundance of boobs, it both pleased the guys I was watching it with, and it even pleased me, but most likely in a different way. I usually find it tedious when films are all about tits and nothing else but for some reason ‘Zombie Women of Satan’ made them seem needed to the plot. Even though the plot was slightly missing, it’s revived by the fact that there is some crude and dark British humour, that at times was funnier than some of the lines comedians pull.

Pervo the clown is the sole reason this film works well, as although he’s a huge misogynist, serial masturbator and a bit of a nobhead, you can’t help but let him laugh you into an affectionate state. Although Pervo’s ‘magic time’ will have you in childish giggles, the whole dysfunctional family theme that runs between the Freakshow group works so brilliantly with constant bickering and pathetic name-calling.

Other than this we have some quite strange goings on within the origins of where the zombie girls came from, but I’ll let you watch it and enjoy those bizarre moments for yourself. Admittedly this film is so bad that it’s fucking amazing, but this film is there if you’re looking for something that not only provides zombies, lots of big, beautiful boobies and tonnes of gore, but it supplies you with some real good laughs and fun – definite one for the lads or ladies night.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

6 thoughts

  1. HA! I’ve seen this fucker!!! I don’t remember liking it too much. Or maybe I did, I don’t remember much about it except for the clown beating off all of the time…..

      1. I wrote about that for another site – I’ll have to go revisit what I did hahaha : )


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