If you’re searching for the most gut wrenching, disturbing film to scare your foolish friends, then we’ve put together our top five most gruesome scenes from the best horror movies. Scroll down to see, but beware these films are not for the faint hearted. Some trailers might be NSFW.

1. Congratulations it’s a… Head

The Poughkeepsie Tapes focuses on a serial killer that tapes his indulgence in torture, mutilation and dismemberment. From the description you can probably already tell that this film contains some extreme gore. At points, this film was almost too brutal to watch, but perseverance proved it was worth it. Our most gruesome scene contains the beheading of a young innocent man, which is then inserted into his helpless girlfriend’s abdomen after a horrific bodge-job c-section.

2. Don’t trust women during foreplay

The film, Antichrist, is not for the faint hearted or the weak stomached, due to it’s graphic bloodshed scenes. Following a grieving couple after the tragic loss of their son, we see in different stages how the death has affected them, with demonic affects. The scene we’ve chosen from this film truly is climatic. During a bit of disturbing foreplay we see the wife mutilate her husband’s baby makers and then bring him to a bloody and horrific orgasm.

3. Take the dirt track

This deserves to fill every spot on the list, due to the fact it made me physically sick. Fortunately I’ll only name one scene from the disturbing, The Human Centipede 2 . As a follow up to The Human Centipede, we see a delusional man who is sexually obsessed with the first film; with the aim to recreate the centipede but with more participants. After feeding his centipede victims laxatives, he proceeds to wrap his manly parts in barbed wire and make not-so-sweet love to the end of the centipede.

4. Vlad the impaler

Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most controversial films made, due to its graphic gore and sexual content and also scenes of real animal cruelty. This said, it’s still one of the best gore infested horror films out there. The footage from a missing documentary crew, who were filming cannibal tribes in the Amazon, leads to the uncovering of the disgusting truth about the crew’s actions. Although many scenes are highly gruesome, we chose the scene of a young native tribe woman being impaled on a large wooden stick. It’ll really make your friends squirm.

5. People are friends, not food

Another film that left me with a queasy feeling was the brilliant and sickly beautiful, Antiviral. In a celebrity-obsessed future, clinics inject clients with celebrity illnesses so they can feel close to the stars. The protagonist becomes wrapped up in a world deeper than just illnesses and soon realises the obsession with celebrities is spiralling out of control. This whole film contains many scenes that made me feel uncomfortable but it was when they had engineered meat for human consumption that was produced from cells taken from celebrities that I found hard to stomach. It could turn anyone vegetarian.

*Image courtesy of Inigo_montoya_es4

4 thoughts

  1. There’s a film called Clean Shaven that contains a particularly sickening scene of a man removing his nail slowly, convinced that there’s a tracking device there.

      1. I’ve never actually seen the whole film yet. I’ve only seen the clip I mentioned, it was part of a film studies class in which we studied how directors of horror films use various techniques to unnerve the audience.

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