So, I’ve been ridiculously busy with University, therefore I have neglected my blog. Luckily, I’ve been writing about film for our current University project, so I have some posts!

We have been working on an online news website: Westminster News Online, where we post articles covering news, sports, culture, lifestyle and investigation. If you’re looking for a news website that is a little more ‘relaxed’ then our student run one is about as lax as you’ll get.

Bravely I took on the role of culture editor, therefore I’ve have quite a lot on my plate regarding that. Although it’s hard work, I’m finding it rather exciting. I still have to write for the culture section, so I’ve been covering film (mainly horror, just can’t help myself), therefore I’m going to post my recent articles on here.

Please have a look at our student website as it’s a massively important project and we’ve all put in a huge amount of effort and it’s looking really good.

As soon as the Christmas period comes, I will be back posting film reviews (daily, if possible) so don’t get too excited, just be patient with me!

Z x

*Image courtesy of Tomas Castelazo

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